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The Alternative Vehicle Everyone is Looking For

TROUP, TX – August 22, 2007 – Thoroughbred Motorsports announces the release of their new vehicle, “The Stallion”, to dealerships. This three-wheel vehicle, with 1 wheel in the front and 2 wheels in the rear, offers drivers the thrill of an open air motorcycle ride with the allure of a sports car. Powered by a proven 2.3 liter Ford engine with a 5 speed automatic transmission, the Stallion has the speed a man wants combined with the comforts and aesthetics it takes to make a woman want to get out of the passenger’s seat and into the driver’s seat.

The Stallion was designed by Thoroughbred Motorsports to appeal to everyone. With features and benefits including a 5 speed automatic transmission, front and rear power disc brakes, adjustable pedals, air-conditioning and heat for driver and passenger, and a trailer hitch, the Stallion is not just another trike. By having more comfort and ease of operation in combination with more power and an EPA mileage rating of 35 mph city and 45 mph highway, Thoroughbred Motorsports anticipates that they will sell at least 60% to women, a market untouched by every motorcycle manufacturer.

The Stallion is designed and manufactured by Thoroughbred Motorsports and powered by Ford Motor Company components including the motor, transmission, fuel management and emission controls. Using the Ford engine allows the Stallion to be able to plug into the Ford diagnostic machines at any of the 4,400 Ford dealerships across the country. There is no other motorcycle manufacturer that has that type of coverage available for their customers.

No newcomer to the world of trikes, Jeff Vey and his wife Diane have been manufacturing trike conversion kits for touring and cruising motorcycles with Thoroughbred Motorsports sister company, Motor Trike, for 13 years. Presently both companies are housed together in an 80,000sq/ft manufacturing facility. Additional expansion plans include another 150,000 sq/ft of manufacturing and office facilities. Stop by your local dealership and ride the Stallion today.

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